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6X8 Profiles

They've been milling this perennial favorite, the D-profile for many years. It is available in six different profiles. A hand-hewn finish can be added to give a more rustic look to the exterior of your home. The 6x8 D profile is illustrated below.


Profile and Corner Options


  Saddle  Notch
Saddle Notch
Dovetail   Corners
Dovetail Corner
Mortise   & Tenon
Mortise & Tenon
Trim   Corner
Trim Corner
6x8 D  Profile
6x8 Single  Bevel
Single Bevel
6x8 Double  Bevel
Double Bevel
6x8 Single  Notch
Single Notch
6x8 Double  Notch
Double Notch
6x8 Double  V-Groove



Wall Assembly



6x8  Wall Assembly