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Bryson Homes Inc. was founded in 2006, and is licensed and insured in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Our owners, Bryan McIntyre and Jason Hughes, have more than 35 years of experience in residential construction. Bryan and Jason maintain residence in both Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and are intimately familiar with the building codes in both states. Bryson Homes specializes in combining traditional log home building styles with the full range of available modern building materials and amenities. Quite simply, If you can imagine it… we can build it.

The Bryson Advantage

Bryson Homes is focused on two main objectives: Value and Quality. One of the advantages to being in the business as long as we've been is that you build a network of dependable suppliers who can provide high-end materials at very reasonable prices. Many builders significantly increase the price of materials as part of the building process. At Bryson Homes, we deal directly with the best and cut out all middleman profit. This enables us to provide you with exceptional value in the pricing of your custom home.

We have a reputation for excellence that is built on our commitment to quality. We make two promises: 1) Your home will be constructed of only the finest materials. 2) We will never cut corners. For example, we deal only with Timber Haven Log Homes to ensure the highest grade of center-cut white pine – logs that will stand the test of time. We also use Andersen Windows exclusively (400 series), and all of our Lumber is supplied by Carter Lumber. Our interior doors are imported from Sweden and are arguably the best in the business. Each Bryson home is built on a foundation of Superior Walls – a brilliantly engineered system of interlocking steel and concrete that resists cracking and maintains structural integrity far longer than traditional foundations. All of our decks are built of Timber Tech – a synthetically developed material similar to TREX that will provide years of maintenance-free wear. Your new Timber Tech deck will save you thousands in maintenance costs over a traditional wood deck. Other vendors we work with include: Tamko shingles, Sikkens Stain, Quality Stone Veneer, and Home Technology International.

Many home builders squeeze extra profit by charging for different colors of paint. At Bryson we understand that color is an expression of individual taste, and as such its an integral part of the custom home building experience. That’s a long way of saying we don’t charge extra for color variations.

The Bottom Line

Each home we build is a part of our reputation, and we know that satisfied customers come one at a time.

In Bryan’s words:
“After we finish your home, the only way we want to come back to your house is as a guest”.