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" Building homes in remote areas requires a very specialized team with tremendous amounts of experience to produce a quality building that will last for generations. Bryson is the finest builder I have ever worked with, the end result exceeded all of my expectations. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself, have them show you my home. "

Eric Ansley, Quivey's Grove, WV

" We bought our land years ago and planned for having our weekend getaway there someday. We started going to the log home shows to see what was out there. Sales pitch after sales pitch, hearing all the log home companies say my logs are better than your logs, it got old real fast. We ended up contacting three different local builders, Bryson Homes was one of them. All of the builders returned bids. Price is always a factor, what comes with the price is the deciding factor. Bryson Homes offered to meet us and when we met, they provided tours of several homes that they had completed and what came with the price became evident. During the tours we were impressed at the quality of work that was presented. We were also impressed by the willingness of the home owners to offer the tours.

If you make the right decision and chose Bryson Homes, you will see why. Bryson Homes will work so well with you that you will want others to experience the same wonderful home building experience therefore you will open your doors for others to witness their work. For those of you that do not have time to dedicate to watching over the building process or worry that your builder will take advantage of you, think again when it comes to Bryson Homes. We shared emails during the week, every once in while we shared a phone call, and all the while, the cabin was completed. The entire process, start to finish, from a wooded site to a flushing toilet, took just over three months. Jason and Bryan made the process seamless. We were able to meet a lot of the different specialists who will built our home, the painters, the roofers, the excavators, the well drillers, you name the specialist, they were professional, friendly, and showed how they truly cared through the quality of their work.

Thanks to Bryson Homes we walk around our cabin almost every weekend realizing our dream is a reality. Ask Bryan or Jason to show you our home, what you see will prove everything that is said above. "

Kevin and Kim, Bluffs on the Potomac

"My Family and I were recommended to Bryson homes from our Realtor. We wanted to build our mother's dream of having a log cabin in the woods. We had no idea just beautifully built a home that we would end up with. Jason Hughes from Bryson homes, was a pure pleasure to work with. He and his partner Bryan took us to several other homes that they had built to help us decide on ours. He kept us informed of any and all changes, happenings, and progress during the entire process from start to finish. Even took pictures and sent them to us since we were so far away. They gave us plenty of notice when it was our turn to supply items, such as picking out the kitchen, the flooring, the colors etc. We never felt rushed or like we inconvenienced him if we had a question or needed something explained. We have now been on our home for a month. We have enjoyed several weekends and can't wait for more wonderful times in our beautiful home."

Thank you! the Viden and Copenhaver families

" When I interviewed builders in early 2012 to build my home in Hampshire County, West Virginia, several people recommended Bryson Homes. When I interviewed them and inspected their work, I liked what I saw. Although they specialized in custom log homes and I was interested in a stick-built house, I liked the quality of the work they did and the craftsmanship of their masonry work (inside and out), decorative crown molding, and flooring installation. When I showed them the house floor plan that I selected they examined it closely and suggested many cost saving modifications, i.e., the height of my attic, location of trusses and the positioning of closets and bathrooms. Once construction started in the summer of 2012, they kept me posted on the progress of the construction and asked me before making any modifications. Their use of the Superior Walls precast concrete foundation has given me a dry and warm basement. When modifications were made, they showed me what was needed and the price involved. That was helpful in keeping the construction price “on budget.” Sweat Equity on my part (painting) also helped me save money on my dream house. I accepted delivery of this house in January 2013 and am very pleased with it. As the pictures will attest, I now have a home with lots of character and beauty. My heating bills have been low in February, which reflects a well-insulated house. Their proper grading of the dirt around my house has given me an excellent slope and I have had no water issues in my basement. I highly recommend Bryson Homes."

Greg H. Bristol ofLevels, WV

"The expertise Bryson brought to all aspects of building our log home was exceptional.  We had just about given up looking for a builder when we were introduced to Bryan and Jason.  From our first meeting we knew we'd found the right team.  Their attention to detail extends beyond the construction phase; they helped us choose the perfect spot on our lot to build--one that is protected from wind and with lots of sun.  The subcontractors they recommended for excavating, wells, and septic also exceeded our expectations.  Although we were comfortable they knew their business, it was the constant quality and attention to detail that we believe are the real Bryson trademarks.  All of the interior and exterior work--painting, trim, stone work--was flawless.  Each time we visited the site during construction we were impressed with their work.  Our home was finished in August and we have had many great weekends in West Virginia since then.  Bryan and Jason made our dreams of a weekend retreat a reality.  We could not be more pleased and highly recommend them. "

Ben & Debbie Bonk

" Like a lot of people I owned a beautiful 20 acre lot in West Virginia but didn't know how to go about building a log home -- or even if I should.  We had looked on the internet many times, but soon figured out that most of the "Log Home" sites were really just log mills that sold "log packages".  If I wanted to build a home with one of their packages I'd have to both 1) deal with the log mill and 2) hire a general contractor.  Having been in business for many years the last thing I wanted to do was get caught in a business "triangle".  And that's what I loved the most about my Bryson Homes experience -- they were a one stop shop for everything I needed.   Jason and Bryan were thoroughly professional and literally handled everything,  And in the end, I got a beautiful custom log home for an outstanding price.  Hands down it was the best building experience I've ever had. "

Greg Harrison, Fairfax, VA

" We appreciate the efforts of Bryson Homes to partner with us in creating our log home dream. With Bryson, we got a team that was knowledgeable and easy to deal with. Bryson is not in the business just to build and sell houses but to create a home to be enjoyed for years to come. Our home is open to anyone that would like to see the work of Bryson Homes. "

Catherine A. Baum, Ashton Woods Subdivision

" Being D.C. residents, my wife and I desperately needed a place where we could get away from “the grind” that is city life. We were hesitant to make an investment that might get us in over our heads, especially with financial times being the way they are, but we knew it was time for a change. After our initial land purchase we began the process of finding a reputable builder who could help us make our mutual dream of a log cabin come true. We proceeded down a list of contractors provided to us by the land company, and quite by chance we came upon Bryson. After our initial phone conversation, I knew we need to go no further with our interview phase. The one key thing that Bryson told us was that they “never wanted to come back to our house unless they were invited”. I was unsure of what that meant at first, but they further explained, “we do it right the first time, or we just don’t do it”. We were sold.

An anxious eight months later we were handed the keys to what can only be described as an immaculate luxury that we never could have imagined, and at a much better price than we ever could have expected. Being the “manly man” that I am, it was very hard not to shed a tear as I looked upon a dream that was quite literally 2 decades in the making, a dream that Bryson helped us to realize. We could not be happier with the end result, and our lives are now better than they have been in a long while. Having the ability to “get away” to a place that we have appropriately named “Solitude” allows us the opportunity to recharge between our very hectic work schedules, and every chance we get, we are there. When people ask me what has changed in my life that has caused me to start smiling again, I simply show them a picture of me and my wife in front of Solitude, and words aren’t needed." Thank you Bryson. Residing in D.C., but LIVING in WV,

Mathew and Kerry McIntyre, Woodlands Subdivision